CDtool can currently process a single sample. You can provide a single machine scan, or multiple scans, which CDtool will average/subtract.

Sample file(s) are provided by clicking the 'Upload Sample Files' button at the top of the page. Each file can contain multiple scans, and multiple files can be provided (currently CDtool supports AVIV .dat files, PCDDB .gen files and .gen files from the legacy CDtool).

You can (and should) give the sample a name. You can also provide a name for the experiment - this will be used as the title of the resultant chart. Both of these names can be left blank if you so wish.

Chart Configuration

Once you click submit you will be presented with a chart of the circular dichroism. If you provided a single scan, the line will represent that one scan, and the area around it the error associated with that scan in the file

If you provided more than one scan, the line you see will be the combination of those scans, and the area around it will be be the standard deviation of the original scans.

Below the chart you will find options for toggling the appearance of the different series, and their error. If there was only one scan there will only be one set of configuration options, but if there were multiple scans there will be options for toggling the visiblity of the scans and the main series.


You can save or print the chart in whatever state you like by clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the chart. A variety of formats are supported.

A data file can be downloaded by clicking the download button at the bottom. This will contain the data for the averaged series only.